ANZAOP Annual Scientific Meeting 2023

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Temporomandibular disorders: something to chew on ANZAOP's impact on Orofacial Pain The ANZAOP legacy What to expect Register today

ANZAOP Annual Scientific Meeting 2023

September 12, 2023

Temporomandibular disorders: something to chew on


As we move into the warmth of Spring, Adelaide is buzzing with anticipation. The city is preparing to host one of the most awaited medical conferences of the year: the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Orofacial Pain (ANZAOP) annual gathering. The theme? “Temporomandibular Disorders: Something to Chew On.” With a focus on the multi-disciplinary approach to assessment and management, this year’s edition promises to push the boundaries of our understanding of Orofacial Pain.

ANZAOP’s impact on Orofacial Pain


Established in 1986, ANZAOP has built its reputation as the premier body for Orofacial Pain in Australia and New Zealand. Their mission is more than just facilitating a gathering of experts; they are a beacon of knowledge, pioneering advances in the field and setting the gold standard for evidence-based, person-centred care.


ANZAOP’s expansive network, including affiliations with sister academies in America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, amplifies its reach. It’s a collective endeavour to disseminate knowledge, foster innovation, and above all, ensure patient-centric approaches to treatment. Their annual scientific meetings, in conjunction with the publications from their jointly sponsored Journal of Oral and Facial Pain & Headache, are pivotal in shaping the future of Orofacial Pain management globally.

The ANZAOP legacy


The Academy’s origin traces back to the vision of Dr Tom Wilkinson and other pioneering members like Cos Maiolo, Lindsay Richards, and Iven Klineberg. Their unwavering dedication saw the Academy’s membership diversify, from its focus on Craniomandibular Disorders to encompassing the broader realm of Orofacial Pain. Over the years, leaders like Peter Reade, Mina Borromeo, and Professor Chris Peck have navigated the institution, amplifying its influence and setting benchmarks in the field.


Their evolution culminated in 2005 when the Academy underwent a name change to better represent its broadened scope. Hosting the 4th International Conference on Orofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Disorders in Sydney that same year, ANZAOP cemented its status as a global frontrunner in the discipline.

What to expect


Designed for a wide array of professionals, from dental specialists, physiotherapists, to those involved in Orofacial pain research, the 2023 conference is set to be a melting pot of insights and innovations. Drawing from their rich history and leveraging their international affiliations, attendees can expect groundbreaking sessions that foster collaboration, challenge prevailing norms, and offer fresh perspectives.


The emphasis on a multi-disciplinary approach is not just a theme; it’s a clarion call. As Orofacial Pain becomes an increasing concern, the need for comprehensive assessment and management strategies becomes paramount. ANZAOP’s commitment to these ideals is evident in their event curation, making it an unmissable occasion for professionals.

Register today


On the 20th of October 2023, join the ANZAOP for a conference highlighting the newest research in the orofacial pain space, as well as connecting like minded clinicians with solutions for now and the future. The convergence of minds, the blend of history with the promise of the future, and the collective commitment to better patient care makes this an event of significance. For those at the helm of Orofacial Pain research and treatment, this is an opportunity to be part of a transformative journey – a chance to collaborate, learn, and redefine the contours of patient-centric care.

Date: 20th October 2023

Registrations: Open Now
Find registration and more information here: 

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