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How do I register for Med CPD?

You can register for your free account by clicking the Register button in the top right corner of this page and following the prompts.

What does it cost to register?

Med CPD is free for medical professionals, whether you are a first-year student, or a highly trained specialist.

How do I set up my profile?

Once you’ve registered, you will be asked to fill in details about your work, your experience and your interests. Med CPD will use all that information to direct you to the content that best suits your needs.

How do I access the CPD I need?

Once you’re logged into your free account, you can search for particular content. Or you can browse the Med CPD database, organised by the area of medicine it relates to. When you find a course or training program that interests you simply click the “book now” button and Med CPD will direct you to an external site to access and complete your CPD.

How can I be sure of the quality of the providers listed on Med CPD?

Med CPD vets all providers to make sure they are legitimate. We only list registered companies that can show adequate evidence that they are qualified training providers.

Does Med CPD allow me to help other medical professionals?

The Med CPD platform is so much more than a collection of CPD courses and training. You can become part of an engaged community of medical professionals who are passionate about developing their own and the community’s knowledge, abilities and careers. Check out the learning plans of other respected professionals’ and support your peers by creating and sharing your own learning plan.

Can I make suggestions about CPD or the platform itself?

If you find a CPD course or training that Med CPD has not listed, get in touch and we’ll try to get it on to the platform. Med CPD also welcome recommendations or suggestions of features that will help us improve and develop the platform. If you have thought about it, chances are you won‘t be the only one.


You can also get in touch if you want to directly support Med CPD in giving back to the medical community.

How do I register as a provider with Med CPD?
You can register for your free account by clicking the Register button in the top right corner of this page and following the prompts.
What does it cost to register?

It’s free for CPD providers to set up a Med CPD account.

Can I personalise my organisation profile?
Your profile can include all the details of your organisation and you can personalise it with your own banner and logo.
What happens if more than one person needs access to our organisation’s Med CPD account?

You can set up extra users via your account. Staff with admin access can manage each user.

How do I add my organisation’s content?
You can add all your CPD training and programs by clicking on the “Add course” button found on your home page as well as on the “Courses” page. Med CPD will review your request and will let you know if your content is approved for publication. If that’s the case, your course will be available for members to access.
How does my organisation become an approved provider?
Once your organisation proves its CPD training and courses are both high quality and accurate, it may become Med CPD approved provider. This means any new courses won’t need to go through a facilitated Med CPD admin review.
What else can my organisation do to help Med CPD and the wider medical community?
Med CPD welcomes contact from CPD providers who want to give more back to the medical community, or to be more involved with the platform. Get in touch to start the conversation

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you have a question or concern that the above FAQs don’t address, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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