Pathology courses to support you and your learning at every stage in your career.

Pathologist play an essential role in diagnoses and treatment of illness and disease. To do this, you need to stay on top of your professional development.


As a busy pathologist, however, it’s not easy to meet the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia requirement of 60 hours of continued professional development each year.


Especially since you have to find 15 hours each of group activities, personal studies, performance reviews, and quality and outcome measures.


This means searching the web, book-marking pages, joining mailing lists and sifting through thousands of hours of pathology courses and training to find what you need.


There’s now a better way, regardless of your field of speciality wether it is haematology, immunology, microbiology or forensic pathology.


Med CPD breaks down the barriers to continued professional development for pathologists, allowing you to stop wasting precious clinical time.


This purpose-built, free platform has an extensive database of your medical pathology CPD opportunities in one place.


It also guarantees quality as any repeatable courses featured are subject to peer approval.


Simple to search and easy to explore, Med CPD puts new and related areas of knowledge and training at your fingertips, improving patient outcomes and supporting your career.


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Immunoglobulin: Essentials image

Immunoglobulin: Essentials

Junior Medical Officer Pathology  + 2 more.
1 hour
This course is aimed at healthcare staff involved with the prescription, ordering, administration an...
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Immunoglobulin: Governance and Access image

Immunoglobulin: Governance and Access

Hospital Medicine Junior Medical Officer  + 3 more.
1 hour
It is important that the allocation of immunoglobulin products are closely managed so that only thos...
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Immunoglobulin: Prescribing image

Immunoglobulin: Prescribing

Hospital Medicine Pathology  + 2 more.
1 hour
The prescribing of immunoglobulin is similar to other blood products; however, there are some key di...
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Immunoglobulin: Administration image

Immunoglobulin: Administration

Pathology Physician  + 1 more.
1 hour
In many ways, the administration of immunoglobulin is similar to other blood products; however, ther...
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Immunoglobulin: Adverse Events image

Immunoglobulin: Adverse Events

Pathology Physician  + 1 more.
1 hour
Adverse events associated with the administration of immunoglobulin are common, but some may be prev...
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Iron Deficiency Anaemia: Chronic and Complex image

Iron Deficiency Anaemia: Chronic and Complex

General Practice Pathology  + 2 more.
1 hour
Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia are more difficult to diagnose when they are masked by c...
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Patient Blood Management Essentials image

Patient Blood Management Essentials

Hospital Medicine Paediatrics and Child Health  + 3 more.
1 hour
Patient Blood Management (PBM) is individualised and evidence-based care that has been shown to impr...
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Patient Blood Management: Medical – Medical Introduction image

Patient Blood Management: Medical – Medical Introduction

Hospital Medicine Pathology  + 2 more.
1 hour
This introductory course will help you understand and apply the principles of blood management to th...
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Iron Deficiency Anaemia: Paediatric image

Iron Deficiency Anaemia: Paediatric

General Practice Paediatrics and Child Health  + 2 more.
1 hour
In Australia the prevalence of anaemia in children under five-years of age is approximately 8%, or m...
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Iron Deficiency Anaemia: Heavy Menstrual Bleeding image

Iron Deficiency Anaemia: Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

General Practice Obstetrics and Gynaecology  + 3 more.
1 hour
Chronic blood loss as result of heavy menstrual bleeding affects 25% of women of reproductive age. T...
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Be part of a passionate community of pathologists

Med CPD gives you more than easy-to-use online resource for all your pathology CPD. You’ll also be part of an engaged and trusted community of medical professionals keen to enhance their knowledge of pathology medicine.


The platform gives you valuable insight into the pathology courses and training that your peers are interested in, and those they have completed. You can use their shared learning plans to discover recent developments in research and knowledge.


You can also share your own learning plans to support your peers and encourage life-long learning. Together, you can enhance and improve expert knowledge of pathology, creating better health outcomes for all.


Med CPD lets you search for specific pathology specialties or browse its extensive range of peer-approved learning opportunities including anatomical pathology, chemical pathology, general pathology and cytopathology

In order to build confidence and trust in the unique platform, it only lists courses from registered companies qualified to deliver quality pathology CPD.


You can even help to ensure that Med CPD continues to provide an optimized CPD experience. If you come across acourse you think we should include, or have suggestions that will lead to a better user experience, let us know.


By using Med CPD to improve your pathology expertise, you can connect, share, create and support the entire medical community.

Your centralised source of leading CPD

Med CPD is improving the way the Australian medical community access medical professional development. This single, centralised platform houses an extensive, and growing, library of medical training resources and opportunities.

Browse and search for your CPD

With CPD content categorised by medical specialty, you can browse, research and choose the  training opportunities best suited to your professional development goals and interests.

Build your own curated learning plan

Learning plans ensure your CPD is relevant at every stage of your career. Create your own curated learning plans to help meet your immediate CPD targets and plan for your future learning goals. Collaborate with your peers by sharing your plans, or follow learning plans created by other community members.

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