Paediatrics and Child Health

Paediatric courses to support you and your learning at every stage in your career.

If you work in paediatrics and child health, you know that children can offer unique diagnostic and management challenges. Every age group is different and every circumstance requires a different approach. As a GP or a paediatrician, your learning is invaluable.


Put simply, specialised training in paediatrics requires up-to-date knowledge through continued professional development. From diagnostic information, paediatric first aid courses, advanced paediatric life support courses and the latest research on childhood illnesses and physiology, Med CPD has all your paediatrics training and workshops on one easy-to-use platform.


Whether you are interested in finding out about upcoming paediatric conferences or seminars, want to learn something new, or refresh your knowledge, Med CPD has the widest range of paediatric courses online. You won’t need to waste time searching the web, book-marking pages, joining mailing lists and sifting through thousands of hours paediatric and child health courses and training to find the CPD you need. Save time with Med CPD, while being confident in the quality assurance you get through our policy of subjecting repeatable courses to peer approval.


Med CPD is a revolutionary free platform that breaks down the barriers to paediatric continued professional development. Our extensive and growing database of online CPD providers makes it easy to find the the content you need to continually update your expertise in child health.


Simple to search and easy to explore, Med CPD puts new and related areas of knowledge and training at your fingertips, improving patient outcomes and supporting your career.


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Paediatrics and Child Health

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Be part of a passionate paediatric and child health community

Med CPD gives you more than an easy-to-use platform to find the most relevant online paediatric and child health courses to expand and update your knowledge. It also gives you an awareness of the courses and training other respected medical professionals are undertaking. This means you can keep up to date with the latest in paediatric research and knowledge.


With Med CPD, you’ll be part of an expert, engaged group of medical specialists that focus on child health and more. You can help each other develop the profession by developing each other’s abilities, knowledge and careers. Browse our extensive range of peer-approved paediatric courses and training, discover what your peers are learning, and share your own learning plans.


Med CPD only lists courses from registered companies that prove qualified to deliver quality continued professional development. And if you find a course you think should be on Med CPD, let us know. We also welcome recommendations and suggestions to help us improve and develop this revolutionary platform.


Connect, share, create and support the professional development of your expert medical community.

Your centralised source of leading CPD

Med CPD is improving the way the Australian medical community access medical professional development. This single, centralised platform houses an extensive, and growing, library of medical training resources and opportunities.

Browse and search for your CPD

With CPD content categorised by medical specialty, you can browse, research and choose the  training opportunities best suited to your professional development goals and interests.

Build your own curated learning plan

Learning plans ensure your CPD is relevant at every stage of your career. Create your own curated learning plans to help meet your immediate CPD targets and plan for your future learning goals. Collaborate with your peers by sharing your plans, or follow learning plans created by other community members.

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