Course Spotlight: Child Mental Health Assessments

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Course Spotlight: Child Mental Health Assessments

November 6, 2023

About Emerging Minds


Emerging Minds, with a legacy spanning over two decades, has been fervently devoted to enhancing the emotional and mental well-being of Australian infants, children, and adolescents, along with their families and holistic care management. Today, the organisation is at the forefront of the National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health, a joint initiative with eminent partners like the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS), the Australian National University (ANU), the Parenting Research Centre (PRC), and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).


Their commitment has always been to tailor mental health policy, interventions, training modules (both offline and online), and resources to address the unique requirements of professionals, children, and their families. In achieving this, they have fostered collaborations with families and a range of national and international organisations, ensuring that evidence-based practices are seamlessly integrated into the Australian milieu. Their wealth of resources is accessible online, available free within Australia.

A Comprehensive Guide to Child Mental Health Assessment (5-12 years) for GPs


This curriculum is crafted specifically for general practitioners aiming to deepen their expertise in diagnosing, managing, and assisting children aged 5-12 years facing mental health challenges, as well as offering guidance to their families.


Core Learning Objectives


– Understand prevalent child mental health conditions.
– Master effective interaction techniques with children and their families.
– Acquire practical proficiency in child mental health diagnosis and management.



The core modules


Module 1

Child Mental Health in General Practice: Gain foundational insights into child mental health in a general practice setting and understand the pivotal role of GPs in this realm.


Module 2

A Comprehensive Exploration of Child Mental Health Assessment: Delve into the intricacies of the Child Mental Health Consultation Guide with a sequential approach, enriched with video demonstrations that underscore the nuances of each phase, methodologies, and skills imperative for effective child mental health diagnosis and intervention.


Module 3

Practical Skills in Child Mental Health Diagnosis: This module zeroes in on the Child Mental Health Consultation Guide, emphasising the practical expertise necessary for a comprehensive assessment. Video demonstrations featuring fictional scenarios will elucidate the critical skills at various stages of the Guide.


Module 4

Management of Child Mental Health Challenges: Engage with a fresh case study to apply your understanding of the Consultation Guide. Apply clinical reasoning, establish connections, strategise, and manage the case. This module also provides an overview of the management strategies post-assessment, necessary Medicare tasks, and relevant documentation protocols.

Developing tailored assessments


The course will use a child mental health consultation guide to walk you through the key phases and skills required during assessment and management.


The Guide outlines four distinct phases:


– CONNECT: Listen and prioritise

– EXPLORE: Assess and formulate

– PLAN: Plan and manage

– COLLABORATE: Follow up and review


Designed exclusively for GPs, this course acknowledges the multifaceted nature of general practice, encompassing the vast spectrum of doctor-patient interactions and the diverse scenarios GPs navigate. The course encapsulates the pivotal role of GPs in child mental health assessments as well as the myriad challenges and pressures faced by GPs.


It also serves as an introduction to the Australian Medicare Benefits Schedule, highlighting the Better Access Scheme, along with the pros and cons of long-standing, holistic family care.


Approximately six hours, inclusive of reading materials and video content. You’re encouraged to progress at your own pace, with your progress saved for future sessions.


Given the emotional depth of the subject, it’s paramount to remain cognizant of one’s emotional well-being. Recommendations include:


– Avoid completing the entire course in a single sitting.

– Periodically assess your emotional state.

– Post-course, reflect on any emotional responses or triggers.

– If overwhelmed, seek assistance immediately. Resources include RACGP’s ‘Mental health resources for GPs’, or helplines like Lifeline (13 11 14), Beyond Blue (1300 22 4636), or SANE Australia (1800 18 7263).



Build your CPD portfolio with Med CPD


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