Online symposium: Making person-centred care a reality

This symposium, hosted by the Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration and Dementia Training Australia, reflects on progress since the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and safety, and added challenges of COVID-19.

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Dementia Training Australia

Associate Professor Steve Macfarlane

Dr Clair Burley

Dr Gaynor Macdonald

Dr Monica Cations

Dr Nadeeka Dissanayaka

Dr Nikki-Anne Wilson

Mr Keith Davies

Mr Peter Swindell

Mr Robert Day

Ms Alex Jedlicko

Ms Jacquelene Cook

Ms Rachel Brimelow

Nell Hawe

Professor Belinda Goodenough

Professor Elizabeth Beattie

Professor Henry Brodaty

Professor Lee-Fay Low

Professor Lynn Chenowyeth


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