Standout Medical Careers – helping you kick your career goals! by Founder Anita Fletcher

Standout Medical Careers – helping you kick your career goals! by Founder Anita Fletcher image

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Standout Medical Careers – helping you kick your career goals! by Founder Anita Fletcher

January 26, 2023

Are you feeling lost or unsure about your career path? Are you struggling to find a job or advance in your current career? At Standout Medical Careers, I understand that choosing a career and navigating the job market can be overwhelming. That’s why I offer comprehensive career coaching services to help you achieve your professional goals.


Standout Medical Careers is a specialist consulting practice dedicated to providing career services to medical professionals. Career progression and fulfilment are at the heart of what Standout Medical Careers is about – and the result of years of working with hundreds of doctors on their career challenges and aspirations.


Whether doctors want to change careers, aim for a promotion, or develop a portfolio career, I provide the expertise, tools and guidance for doctors to take the necessary actions to pursue their dream career roles.


I help doctors understand their options, attain their ideal roles through developing effective applications and interview coaching, and uncover new opportunities.


Services include:


– Career path: working with doctors to map out their career path to obtain their ideal role.

– Portfolio career: assisting doctors with identifying their passions in both clinical and non-clinical roles and including their passions in their portfolio career.

– Workshops and training: providing the knowledge and tools to stand out in a competitive industry.


In addition, I offer career coaching, executive workshops and online courses to further assist with career planning, CVs and the development of interview confidence and skills. With a deep understanding of the varied complexities and challenges of a medical career, I deliver the personalised services that all doctors need and deserve.


When doctors work with me, they know they’re getting a highly experienced medical career coach who truly understands what they are going through. This has led to me helping doctors:


– Explore their ambitions and set achievable goals within the context of competitive environments.

– Strategically plan and prepare to accelerate their career.

– Hone communication skills to position themselves as a strong candidate.

– Develop confidence and competencies to deliver the role-winning interview performance.

– Think beyond the obvious choices and consider other career options.


To achieve these outcomes, I coach and consult in the following areas:


– Interview preparation
– Resume audit/review
– Resume writing
– Executive and board roles
– Career plan development
– Career transitions
– Corporate groups


There is a range of options available from Standout Medical Careers for career development in addition to coaching and consulting:


– 24/7 online learning is a great way to develop your career, as it allows you to access high-quality educational material at any time. Online courses and tutorials help doctors learn new skills or brush up on existing knowledge.

– Podcasts are available on multiple platforms. Listen to fascinating stories and insights about the career journey of doctors from a variety of medical backgrounds

– Workshops are in-person events and include interactive participation. They’re a great way to gain valuable knowledge and insights into different career paths and experiences from other attendees. They provide an opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and network with like-minded people.

– Seminars provide a forum for exchanging ideas, as well as the opportunity to network with other professionals in the field. Participants can often gain insights into the latest industry trends, successful strategies, and best practices that they can apply to their own career.


Med CPD is an excellent and essential inclusion to your career development toolkit. It’s a centralised platform hosting an extensive range of courses for doctors, including Standout Medical Careers’ key course offerings.


If you’re a medical student ready to start planning or accelerating your career, Med CPD is your go-to for accessing the required knowledge through online courses and tutorials.

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