CPD Anaesthesia courses to support you and your learning at every stage in your career

As an anaesthesiologist, your job encompasses many different facets, including pain management, intraoperative anaesthesia and airway management. Your medical profession is an integral part of patient care especially during their journey with surgery and requires complex care of their basic life functions throughout.


This requires anaesthesiologists to remain updated with CPD anaesthesia requirements to ensure adequate and safe care for patients during procedures. Surgery can be unpredictable and requires you to be at the top of your game as an anaesthesiologist, which is why you need to know where to find quality training for CPD. Med CPD supports continuing education in anaesthesia critical care and pain management.


Med CPD is an all-inclusive platform for all your online anesthesia courses, compiling the highest quality evidence-based anesthesia CPD training, conferences, workshops and more in one place.


You may be looking to refresh your knowledge, advance your skills, learn something new or look for information on upcoming anaesthesiology conferences. Med CPD offers all this and more to support you in meeting your CPD requirements.


At Med CPD, you waste no time searching for relevant content to your profession. With a simple search, you can discover various online anaesthesia courses catered to your needs. Anaesthesia online learning opportunities are accessible through one platform, saving you valuable time by preventing you from spending countless hours searching for content specific for your professional learning needs. 


You can access anaesthesia continuing education using Med CPD’s extensive and growing database of CPD courses to find relevant content across all areas of anaesthesia. 


Simple to search and explore, Med CPD puts new and related areas of knowledge and training at your fingertips, improving patient outcomes and supporting your career.


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Be part of a passionate CPD anaesthesia community


Here at Med CPD, we offer you more than just a platform to provide online anaesthesia courses to achieve your CPD requirements.


Med CPD shows you what other respected anesthesiologists are researching and lets you stay updated with the latest findings, knowledge and research relevant to anaesthesia. 


Regardless of your stage, Med CPD has online anaesthesia courses for you. Whether you are an aspiring physician wishing to enter the field, junior anaesthesiologist, or a senior anaesthesiologist, Med CPD has a broad range of CPD anaesthesia courses that cater to your professional learning needs.


The platform connects you to the broadest range of peer-approved online anaesthesia courses and content. Through our platform at Med CPD, you can search for specific content or browse through to discover new content for anesthesiology. Seek new CPD opportunities to support your professional development journey to advance your career through peer approval. 


Be assured that all CPD providers and content have been thoroughly reviewed to ensure all content is from qualified and registered CPD providers and companies, providing you with the latest evidence and research. 


Med CPD lets you connect, share, create and support each other’s professional development.

Your centralised source of leading CPD

Med CPD is improving the way the Australian medical community access medical professional development. This single, centralised platform houses an extensive, and growing, library of medical training resources and opportunities.

Browse and search for your CPD

With CPD content categorised by medical specialty, you can browse, research and choose the  training opportunities best suited to your professional development goals and interests.

Build your own curated learning plan

Learning plans ensure your CPD is relevant at every stage of your career. Create your own curated learning plans to help meet your immediate CPD targets and plan for your future learning goals. Collaborate with your peers by sharing your plans, or follow learning plans created by other community members.

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